Thursday, 27 November 2014

Odette, walls and lights

A videographer friend of mine wanted to film me doing a shoot with a musician for his portfolio, so we decided to approach the fantastic Odette who has graced this blog a few times before.

We all met up one Sunday afternoon in a local business park-not the most glamorous location on first viewing, but when you learn how to use a location suddenly the most mundane wall or stairs can become interesting with the right angle and some lighting.....

Our first image is a wooden wall that houses the bins for all the local businesses, I had great slanted beams that drew your attention to Odette, especially when I used a grid on a portable flash aimed at her face witch left the light to fall off  from the centre.

Second image down is a staircase that is just behind the wooden wall in the first image, I changed the lighting to a flash with an umbrella box to camera right pointing down to Odette who was sitting on the steps, I used the lead in lines of the hand rail to guide your eye into the image.

Third image down is a metal wall that is to the right of the stairs, I liked the juxtaposition of the smooth wall and the grasses with Odette slightly to the right of the image.

Fourth image is the same location but with Odette over to the edge of the frame so it could be used as a flyer as it has some empty space for text to go over if required.

Fifth image is in the studio against a white background, it's a simple portrait of Odette with her guitar, lit with an umbrella box directly in front of her and angled down to get some shadows under the chin.
Many thanks to Odette for the shoot as it was a cold November day and she dressed for summer for the images!

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